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Sparkyard has been built as a web application to be run in your internet browser. There is nothing that you need to install on your device. Sparkyard will run successfully on most computers (Windows and Mac), tablets and smartphones (iOS and Android), as well as televisions and touchscreens that support a suitable internet browser.

As with any website or web application, Sparkyard will perform best on the most up-to-date devices and operating systems, with a fast and reliable internet connection. You will need to use a constant internet connection in order to use Sparkyard successfully. Although Sparkyard should work well in all modern internet browsers, we recommend that you use the latest stable releases of Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Edge. If the company who provides your internet browser no longer support the version you are using, then we cannot guarantee that it will work with Sparkyard.

You are responsible for configuring your device, information technology, computer programs and platform to access Sparkyard. You should also use your own up-to-date virus protection software. Please ensure that your systems are set up to allow access to, and

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for further information about your use of Sparkyard.

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